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Vidéo: Elisa Albert interprète  . . .

   . . la scène avec Miss Rosen de Chocolates for Breakfast

« Dammit, I am a little girl, » Courtney said suddenly. « And that’s what I hate about being with Mummy. It’s as though I’m the mother. I have to soothe her when she’s upset about having blown up at me, and I have to reassure her that she’s a good actress—you know, I’ve only seen four of her movies in my whole life, it’s enough to live with the parts—I wouldn’t know if she’s any good or not, but I tell her she is, because I like to make people feel good. »

Elisa Albert est l’auteur du Livre de Dahlia et le prochain roman After Birth. Elle a lu au Housing Works Bookstore, Juillet 2013.

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